How it works

Just a few easy steps to stop biting your nails

Check out Bitey how-to video

Bitey instructions

1. Place enough clean water in the pot to cover the dental appliance and boil water on the stove.

2. Wait for 2-3 minutes that cools down a little bit, after you remove it from the stove.

3. Put the whole dental appliance in the hot water, while the handle in the front stays outside. Grab the handle and submerge completely except the handle. Put the small size appliance in hot water for 8-12 seconds and big size 13-15 seconds.

4. Then quickly take it out and put the dental appliance into your mouth on the upper or bottom teeth. Adjust it against your teeth. Use your thumbs to push the dental appliance up and back against your molars. Bite down firmly to get the impression of your teeth on the bottom of the dental appliance and the appliance against your top teeth. Suck out the water and air between teeth and the gum. Place your tongue against the roof of the mouth to create pressure and achieve a tight fit around your teeth.

5. Place the dental appliance in ice water for 10 seconds to harden and form correctly.

6. Remove the dental appliance from ice water and try the fit. It should fit against your top teeth without having to hold it w ith your tongue, and fit naturally.

7. Cut the excess material along the border with scissors carefully and cut the end of the handle.

*For better results wear the dental appliance as often as possible, especially at times when you bite your nails the most.