We are Bitey

Bitey is a small group of individuals who were once biting nails and now believe that anyone can stop this bad habit.

Our story began 3 years ago as we were trying to figure out how to stop ourselves from biting nails.

From bitter nail polishes, therapies, and hypnosis to fake nails - we tried everything.

After a long time of testing, we also tried using a dental appliance that covers the upper or bottom teeth, making sure that nails cannot be bitten.

Soon, when we realized that the best way to stop putting fingers in your mouth and biting nails is by wearing a dental appliance that completely prevents you from biting nails.

With the help of licensed dentists and orthodontists, we developed a comfortable and invisible dental appliance, using only FDA-approved high-quality materials.

We believe that everyone deserves beautiful and healthy nails. And we’ll do everything we can to help you.