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Stop Biting Nails

Bitey - Stop Biting Nails ( 4 pcs - 2x S size & 2x L size )

Bitey - Stop Biting Nails ( 4 pcs - 2x S size & 2x L size )

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Bitey - Stop Biting Nails Solution will prevent you from putting fingers in your mouth and help your nails to grow stronger and healthier. Nail biting treatment for adults and kids of age 5+ is completely invisible and comfortable to wear.

Easy do it yourself custom fit which you can do at home and it only takes a few minutes of your time. A unique fingernail biting prevention made from soft premium medical grade, BPA and phthalate free material to provide the best and safest quality, so you may use it safely and comfortably in various occasions in your daily life without anyone noticing. So say goodbye to your bad habit of biting your nails.

Invisible Stop Biting Nails appliance is comfortable to wear and allow gentle and precise tooth movement.

- It helps to break the bad nail biting habit.
- Suitable for different types of teeth.
- Works for adults & children (over 5 years old).
- Simple use & quick results!
- One package can last you minimum of 2 years.

4 PCS PACKAGE - 2x size S & 2x size L

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